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Weight Loss in Fort Collins

Doctor with weight loss patientDid you know that two thirds of the population of the United States are overweight and one third are obese? And yet, every January, weight loss is at the top of everyone’s New Year’s Resolution list.

The Cost of Being Overweight

Obesity costs $190 billion annually in the US. Excess weight can have an adverse effect on the musculoskeletal system (muscles, bones and joints) and on your general health. Taking drugs for pain that stems from carrying too much weight on your frame can be devastating to your health—not to mention addictive. Drugs vary from counterproductive to downright dangerous and weight loss meals have empty calories, unnecessary additives and unhealthy ingredients.

Medical doctors aren’t able to offer much help to patients except advice about eating less, getting more exercise or the radical alternatives such as gastric surgeries. Appetite suppressants have known potential side effects such as hypertension, heart disease, addiction, insomnia and kidney damage. Why would anyone offer this solution?

Sadly, without an alternative, people will probably remain overweight, leading to more severe ailments such as diabetes.

Our Doctor Supervised Program

We offer a safe weight loss program in our office called ChiroThin™. It is a doctor- supervised, 42-day, healthy weight loss system that is easy, sustainable and 100% effective! There are no drugs, no prepackaged foods, no meetings, no exercise and no expensive monthly charges. “My patients lose weight, have less joint pain, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and better sleep,” said Dr. Kellams.


What does ChiroThin contain?

It contains ingredients that aid in fatty acid transportation and metabolism and blood sugar stabilization. ChiroThin also boosts metabolism and detox.

How does it work?

When ChiroThin is combined with healthy and precise amounts of anti-inflammatory foods with a low glycemic index, your body will more efficiently convert stored fat into energy.

How much weight can someone lose on ChiroThin?

Patients on the ChiroThin program can lose 25-40 pounds in six weeks.

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If you’re having difficulty paring those persistent pounds, we want to help. Contact Kellams Health Center today to schedule an appointment for weight loss in Fort Collins!

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