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Nutrition Counseling in Fort Collins

Box of vegetablesPart of healing the entire body is monitoring what goes into it. The body uses food as fuel, and what fuel we choose has a significant effect on how our body functions. If you consume junk food, your body isn’t going to be healthy even if you exercise vigorously each day.

That is why nutritional counseling is one of the most important services we can provide for people. By teaching people what types of foods allow their bodies to function optimally, we empower them to make positive choices that benefit their health.

Eat Well and Feel Great

While nutrition is not an overly complicated concept, it can be difficult to implement the ideas into your daily life and turn those into good habits. That is why nutritional counseling can help people change the way they eat and, ultimately, the way they feel. Dr. Kellams believes that nutrition is health.

What to Expect

When you come in for nutrition counseling, you will complete a questionnaire about your daily eating habits, including if you eat junk food and supplements you take. Dr. Kellams also will muscle test different areas of the body to determine what your nutrition needs are.

Dr. Kellams recommends that her patients adopt a low-carb diet for better health. She also offers ChiroThin™, a successful low-carb weight loss program.


How do nutrition and chiropractic complement each other?

They both aid your body in doing what it was designed to do, which is to heal itself!

How often will I come in for follow-up appointments when I first start counseling?

Typically, you would come in once a week in the beginning.

Do you offer any resources or materials?

Dr. Kellams has booklets on topics such as gallbladder matters and heart-healthy habits that she gives patients who have a particular issue.

Take That First Step

By feeding your cells with the nutrients they need, you can feel fantastic and enjoy optimal health. Contact Kellams Health Center today to book an appointment for nutrition counseling Fort Collins!

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