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Meet Dr. Jinger Kellams

Dr. Jinger doing laser on man's armDiagnosed with epilepsy, Dr. Kellams took Dilantin as well as medication for her migraines. “I had headaches every day and was sick all the time. I caught every cold or flu that came down the pike. When I found out how the body worked, I thought, if I’m going to teach this to people, I need to believe it.” At that point, she decided to get off of her medications and address her health naturally.

A Chiropractic Education

Dr. Kellams graduated from Life University College of Chiropractic in September of 2000. “It was the most difficult and the most fascinating four years of my life. When I was able to actually see inside a human body, I was awestruck by the intricate web of nerves that control every function of every part of the body.” As a student, she spent months going over every inch of nerves, organs and tissues, learning how they all work together to function as a whole.

No More Seizures

Since chiropractic school, Dr. Kellams hasn’t had any seizures or migraines. “I rarely get sick and if I do get a cold it’s gone in a couple of days instead of two weeks. So I am a walking billboard for the effects of chiropractic!”

Getting to the Root to Help You Flourish

Humans are so much more than just the sum of their parts. We are an intricate design of structure, physiology and emotion. We are designed to function as a whole and if even one little part starts to malfunction, all of the other parts must compensate. Finding out the underlying cause of a problem is what we do. It’s what we are trained to do.

Dr. Kellams believes that pain relief is just a by-product of correcting the problem. “We see patients that have suffered for years be able to play with their kids again. We have helped newborn babies who couldn’t stop crying and children who have asthma. It makes for a wonderful day!”

Outside the Practice

When she’s not caring for patients, Dr. Kellams enjoys spending time with her spouse, who was a childhood friend. They reconnected later in life and got married in 2017. She also likes to play billiards and is on a league. Dr. Kellams and her spouse enjoy getting together and having dinner parties with their close-knit group of other couples. Dr. Kellams also likes to garden.

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